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About Me:

Hello my name is Kayla Horeis and I have lived in Yutan for the past eleven years with my husband Jeff and our four amazing children Dallas (18), Kailynn (13), Max (12), and Kena (11).  Prior to owning Yutan Kids Academy I was a full time nursing supervisor for a Medical Surgical/Oncology unit in Omaha. I have over seventeen years of nursing experience.  I am also certified in CPR and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. 


My desire to get involved with child care started about 25 years ago when I started helping my mother with her in home day care, Kathy’s Kids in Omaha.  

Yutan Kids Academy Director is Sonja.  Sonja has been with Yutan Kids Academy since we opened in 2015.  She is the back bone and life line of Yutan Kids Academy.  Sonja is phenomenal with the kids and is so compassionate, loving and caring.  I am so blessed to have her here at Yutan Kids Academy.  


My Goal:

As parents, we love our children so deeply, and we need the peace of mind that we've found a center where the staff truly cares about our children. At Yutan Kids Academy, our goal is that you have complete confidence in our ability to care for your children while you attend your work day.  



We work with Mr. Hough, the principal of Yutan Elementary and the Yutan Elementary preschool teacher to help better prepare the youth of Yutan, NE for elementary school. Yutan Kids Academy is also a part of the Preschool Advisory committee at Yutan Elementary.    




Please continue to come forward to myself or my director with any of your questions or concerns.  My hope is that with all of the new changes that I am making it will beneficial for all.  


I personally thank you all for enrolling your children at Yutan Kids Academy and look forward to caring for your children.  Again if you have any questions please call me at 402-625-2888 or email me at



Give us a call:




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