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The infant program at Yutan Kids Academy is designed to provide exceptional infant and toddler care for infants six weeks of age through eighteen months.  The teachers in the baby room utilize developmentally appropriate materials and activities with a safe, nurturing environment to promote every child’s growth to the fullest potential.  At YKA, we’ve created an environment in which your baby can grow through developmental activities.


The baby room has bright colors, soft age appropriate toys and playthings are always available to encourage imagination and exploration. During the course of the day, the staff at YKA focus on building your babies vocabulary by reading stories, singing songs, and allowing the children to listen to music or watch age appropriate movies. The staff at YKA also uses sign language as another way for your infant and toddler to communicate. 


The teachers at YKA are experienced in handling infants and small children, acknowledging the needs of each child as an individual, and provide kind words, warm smiles, and gentle touches to assure your child receives exceptional care, attention, and opportunities for growth and development. 



Toddler’s ages eighteen months to three years old are all over the place, and always on the move.  They are discovering their world. So our Toddler program at Yutan Kids Academy promotes exploring the world through, touching; listening, dancing, singing, tasting and exploration.  Toddlers learn best when they feel safe, loved and feel confident enough to start to explore, in their own way.

The teachers at YKA built on your children’s curiosity and their natural desire to push boundaries, by introducing concepts of building friendships, improving self esteem, literacy, math/science skill, and to explore the world around them.  Your toddler will be involved in hands on activities that stimulate your toddler’s mind, motor and social skills to gain confidence as they develop cognitively and socially. 

We at YKA realize that every child does not learn at the same rate, so by repetition, positivity, and consistency through play, games, educational movies and learning activities growth and fluency will be achieved. 


The Preschool Classroom is for children approximately ages 3 to 5 old. At Yutan Kids Academy we offer a more structured learning environment where your child will learn through large and small group times, hands-on activities, experiments, games, art projects, reading and play.  

The goal of our preschool program at YKA is to help with the transition into Yutan Elementary and to give the children confidence and a basic knowledge of concepts needed for preschool.  


School Age

Yutan Kids Academy does offer Before and After School Care for children through 12 years of age.  We also provide full-day care on days when school is out.  In the summer, we offer an amazing program for your school-age child, full of fun activities and walking field trips to keep your child active and engaged!

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For current Rates and Availability call 402-625-2888 

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